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Josh @SubNoctem

Age 35, Male

Littleton, CO

Joined on 12/2/02

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40,880 / 100,000
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Latest News

I finally made it! And it's about damn time. I have to say; Being the 76th person on Newgrounds to achieve this feat is something I'm quite proud of - maybe too proud of. It's something I've been working on for a long time, obviously, and I will always kick myself for not joining sooner. I certainly had plenty of opportunity.

An interesting tidbit of information for anyone working their way up to this plataeu; It's not over. The second day that I became level 60, after I voted on my 5th flash, I got a new message saying congratulations, you've made it to the top. However, on the third day depositing, I got a message with that familiar xxxxx/xxxxx experience, letting me know how far away I was from the next level. That's right, there is now (maybe always?) a level 61. I don't know if this was newly implemented on what was literally my third day of power -looking down at the peasants below me- or if it's always been. But it's there, taunting, laughing. Currently, I am sitting on 38,720 experience points. Experience needed for 61? 100,000. Yes, you read that correctly.

It's going to be a long road, but it's also going to be filled with laughs, challenges, and just a damn good NG time. There is much work to do. I hope you all will join me.


- Josh Gray aka SubNoctem

P.S. I am slightly embarrased that this is my first post.

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285,510 Points

You're getting pretty good [NORMAL] 5 Points

Complete level six on normal difficulty.

Starting to get complicated [NORMAL] 5 Points

Complete level five on normal difficulty.

So you're not a complete noob [NORMAL] 5 Points

Complete level four on normal difficulty.

Getting out of a pickle [NORMAL] 5 Points

Complete level three on normal difficulty.

Now, lets mix thing up a bit [NORMAL] 5 Points

Complete level two on normal difficulty.

Okay lets get started [NORMAL] 5 Points

Complete level one on normal difficulty.

Feel the power 10 Points

Reach Level 40

5000 HEIGHT 25 Points


Getting serious 10 Points

Reach Level 30

Getting better 5 Points

Reach Level 20

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